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October 03, 2011
Skype and the NEC SV8000 Phone System

The integration of Skype and NEC is a match made in heaven.

With Skype Connect, you can provide partners, customers or prospects additional ways to connect to your office SV8000 server:

  1. Through a Skype client (PC/MAC/iOS/Android etc.)
  2. Through a Skype Click-to-Call button on your website

The way it works is the call gets routed to your office SV8000 server and from there, you decide how best to route the call.

You can use different Skype Connect accounts to the SV8000 server to identify the purpose of the call (ex. Acme - support for Support calls and Acme - Sales for Sales Calls).

Sype Connect costs $.95/month for each voice channel.

Furthermore, you can also use Sype Connect for Outbound Long Distance Calls which utilize Skype's aggressive worldwide calling rate. Here is a link to Skype Connect Rates.

You can test out the service by calling us at our Skype ID digicom-usa or digicom-hq.

Please contact us if you have any questions or if you require any assistance in testing this feature.